Synthetic-resin coatings

Dolit 848 Laminate

is a fibre-glass reinforced laminate coating based on epoxy resin. The system is highly chemical-resistant, it bridges cracks and has high resistance to diffusion. Of particular importance are the high operating temperature limits and the extremely good resistance to temperature changes in concrete floors. Dolit 848 Laminate can be used on metal and concrete floors. It is suitable for surfaces with moderate mechanical loads. The mechanical loading capacity can be substantially improved by application of a wear protection agent.

Dolit VEL Laminate

is a glass fibre reinforced laminate coating based on vinyl ester resin. Dolit VEL Laminate can be used as a crack-bridging sealing compound (crack width ≤ 0.2 mm) for collection areas made of reinforced concrete, both inside buildings and outside. When used on floorings, the laminate can be driven on by vehicles with pneumatic tyres, with solid rubber wheels, with Vulkollan wheels or with polyamide wheels as well. Dolit VEL Laminate can also be applied to metal surfaces.

Dolit LF Laminate

is a laminate coating on furan resin base with glass fiber mats and glass fleece. The system can be used on EP coating surfaces, foils and rubber linings as well as on primed concrete and steel surfaces. The coating can be set electrically conductive. The system is characterized by a universal, chemical resistance especially against solvents, acids and alkalis. It has good storage stability and a very good temperature resistance up to + 60 °C (on concrete) and up to + 100 °C (dry stress on steel).

Dolit LC Laminate

is a product based on phenol resin that contains a glass fibre mat / glass fleece insert. Dolit LC can be used on EP coating surfaces, membranes and rubber linings and also on primed concrete and steel surfaces. Dolit LC has excellent properties:as highest chemical resistance particularly to acids and solvents, high temperature stability up to + 90 °C, absolutely impervious against CHC’s and methylene chloride, can be made electrically conductive.

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