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Corrosion protection paving usually consists of anti-corrosive ceramic paving stones at a thickness of at least 20 mm. The stones are laid into synthetic-resin cement on an anti-corrosive surface, and grouted in. Materials such as cast basalt, carbon blocks and refractory stone can also be used.

We at CRS Chemieschutz also supply materials for laying and grouting based on epoxy, vinyl ester, phenol and furan resin; our range extends to water-glass cement of various types. We will select a structure most suitable for meeting the chemical, thermal and mechanical stability requirements set. All of the materials we manufacture ourselves carry the “Dolit” brand name.

Wall lining

Corrosion protection linings consist of artificially manufactured bricks based on the technology already outlined in our paving materials. These linings are installed in one or more than one layer into towers, vessels, other process containment as well as collecting basins to provide existing construction with heavy-duty, reliable and long-term chemical protection.

We produce and install synthetic-resin cement linings heat-resistant at up to 350°C, water-glass cement at up to 900°C, and refractory cement at up to 1,500°C.