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acid protection, chemical stability,acid, alkalis, salts, solvents

Coatings and laminates

Coatings are always used where demands on endurance are not too heavy. Even so, coatings provide highly effective chemical stability against acids, alkalis, salts and solvents. Coatings may be subjected
to mechanical influences, e.g. from forklift trucks, rolling barrels or knocks from other hard objects.
Demands are made on freedom from dust, easy decontamination and steam resistance. Floor coatings in accessible areas should prevent slipping, and in many cases, demands are made on aesthetics.

We can fulfil these demands with coatings based on epoxy resins, polyurethane and vinyl esters.
Laminates are used where the demands on endurance are heavy, such as covering cracks, heavy mechanical endurance, or high temperatures. Depending on the demands made, these laminates are reinforced using
fibreglass or glass matting. Our laminates are based on epoxy, phenol, furan, or vinyl-ester resins.

Naturally, we also supply coatings and laminates compliant with the German Water Resources Act (WHG §19).